About Us

Open and Distance Education Centre (ODEC, TU) established in 2015 by a decision of the Executive Council of Tribhuvan University, is a constituent independent academic organization of Tribhuvan University. The aim of ODEC is to provide access to quality higher education to mass people in Nepal through open and distance learning modes. It provides the opportunity of gaining higher education in all subjects offered by Tribhuvan University in a conventional mode of education. Adults who are interested and compelled to upgrade their academic qualifications without quitting jobs/professions and are unable due to different reasons to come to the conventional program for higher education are the target group of this program.  It also can work as an outreach program to address the learning needs of potential students. Moreover, ODEC will provide technical and pedagogical support to integrate e-learning components in the conventional mode program of TU to make a hybridized system to increase learning opportunities in higher education.


The institutional objectives of ODEC are:

  • To establish a sustainable high-quality ICT infrastructure and to develop a leading e-learning center in the country for open and distance education.
  • To ensure access and quality in higher education by running academic courses approved by TU through open and distance learning modes.
  • To provide professional and non-academic courses as continuing education for adults.
  • To train professionals (academic and non-academic) in e-learning, e-pedagogy, and overall e-education. To conduct research, seminars, and conferences in open and distance education-related themes aiming to promote Open and Distance Education.
  • To develop and use economically viable open and distance learning management systems.
  • To establish international relations with institutions having similar goals, objectives, and programs.