AURORA Second Study Visit at Kathmandu

Tribhuvan University, Open and Distance Education Center (ODEC) Nepal is a partner institution among three Nepali, four European, and five Indian institutions collaborating project entitled Alliance of Universities to Reinforce Teacher Training Curricula to Outcast Radicalism and Promote Equality in Asian Societies – AURORA (Grant no. 610297-EPP-1-20 l 9-l -IN-EPPKA2-CB H E-JP) under the Erasmus + Program of the European Commission and co-funded by European Education and Culture Executive Agency. Banasthali Vidyapith is the main coordinating partner (lead partner) of this AURORA project.

The Aurora project focuses on curriculum development and education as a priority for Asia, with the knowledge and practices of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) to provide quality and inclusive education for all. The project has the plan to develop three pedagogical courses and integrate them into teacher training programs, with the aim of promoting democratic values, non-discrimination, gender equality, and research measures for combating different forms of radicalism that are hindering humanity and preparing pedagogical courses for education and training to the teachers.

Within its planned activities, the AURORA Project Second Study Visits were held from April 24th to April 29th, 2023, at Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal.

The aim of the study visit was to share the progress made in planned activities among the partner institutions, and cultures of the partner country, and create a platform for strengthening the networking among participating institutions.

In this study visit, the participants were from twelve universities from six countries viz Nepal, India, Romania, Czech Republic, Ireland, and Spain. Tribhuvan University was the host of this study visit.

The Rector of the Tribhuvan University, Prof. Dr. Shivlal Bhusal, was the chief guest, the Former Director of ODEC, TU, Dr. Ganga Ram Gautam, and senior teachers of TU as the guests and teachers involved in the project were the participants from TU in the meeting. In the inaugural speech, the Rector expressed the importance of the project and highlighted its relevance for developing the most equitable, fair, and justice society through teacher education and training curricula. He congratulated the project team for organizing staff and students’ mobility and international cooperation. He further added that this program has provided a good opportunity to share experiences among the partners and promote quality education in the country. Furthermore, He said, “We are pleased to contribute to this program and collaborate with other institutions in order to enhance social inclusion and democratic values in Nepalese society through the pedagogical transformation in the education sector contextualizing the European experiences on education”.

During this visit, progress on planned project activities was shared, and coordination meetings were held. Likewise, the meeting served as a platform to review the activities so far accomplished and plan for future activities promoting a culture of collaboration and the exchange of ideas among the participants.

The AURORA project ensures that teachers have the necessary skills and competencies to transform new knowledge effectively. In addition, the AURORA Consortium Centers will disseminate the project’s results to the whole of society for the promotion of democratic values and practices in it. The Centers will focus on transforming this knowledge in different environments and with the participation of various people. Within the project period “Aurora clubs” were created where activities were developed to expand the project’s outputs to the students’ community to inculcate democratic values and practices in them against extremist and radical thoughts and actions.

Pilot Training Course of Aurora

A wonderful and enthusiastic pilot training was launched by Open and Distance Education under Aurora Project on the topic Inclusive Education and Gender Equality from 10-12 April 2023.The aim of the training was to promote gender equality and respect for diversity. Also to develop strategies for promoting inclusive practices in the classroom and for addressing issues related to gender and diversity.This training will equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to promote social justice and equity in education, and to help all students succeed regardless of their background, identity or ability.Finally a very positive response has been forwarded by the participants and they were expecting for such more training.
Schedule for training
students Participating in training
Prof.Dr sushan Acharya giving classes
Students participating in training
student’s participation in training
Students participating in training
Students participating in training
Students and Teachers getting involved in training
Feedback from participants

2023 UNESCO-UNITWIN Kick-Off Webinar

On March 24th, 2023, KNOU hosted the UNESCO UNITWIN Kick-off Webinar with UNITWIN Network members: Hanoi Open University (Vietnam), Tribhuvan University (Nepal), Open University Malaysia (Malaysia) and Mongolian University of Science and Technology (Mongolia).

A total of 23 members attended the webinar including Prof. Sohn Kyoung Woo, Director of Office of Int’l Affairs, 7 of the project leaders and co-leaders from KNOU, 11 of the UNITWIN Network members, Dr. Yang Chang Yeul, Team Head of Office of Int’l Affairs and 3 staff members from the Office of Int’l Affairs at KNOU.

Beginning with the 2023 UNESCO-UNITWIN workshop for the KNOU researchers in the morning, Dr. Yang, Chang Yeul, Head of Team in the Office of Int’l Affairs at KNOU, shared an annual plan for UNESCO UNITWIN projects in 2023 focusing on invited trainings at KNOU, students’ trainings in each network institution, 2023 Working Group Seminar and gave further details for the year.

Followed by the 2023 plan, a country report on 2022 UNITIWN activities were presented by researchers from UNITWIN network institutions; Prof. Dinh Tuan Long (HOU), Prof. Harvinder K. D. Singh (OUM), Prof. Ganga Ram Gautam (TU) and Prof. Narantsetseg Yadmaa (MUST).

After the presentations, each project team separately had a group discussion session during the webinar to discuss the plan for the year. As a continuation from the previous session, each project leader gave presentations on this year’s plan for each project.

To conclude, Dr. Yang, Chang Yeul, Head of Team in the Office of Int’l Affairs at KNOU, wrapped up the webinar by inviting the UNITWIN Network cooperation with 3 main things: to participate the 2023 Invited Training at KNOU, to host 2023 Working Group Seminar among the UNITWIN Network members and to extend the onsite trainings at each institution successfully.

The University Twinning and Networking (UNITWIN) program was launched in 1992 at the 26th session of UNESCO General Conference with the aim of promoting international inter-university cooperation and networking to enhance institutional capacities through knowledge sharing and collaborative work. In 2017, KNOU was appointed as the host institution. The network aims at sharing knowledge and experiences of distance education in higher education.