Advance your skills in teaching mathematics.
Students looking to become math teachers, or certified math teachers seeking advancement, should consider earning a M.Ed. in Mathematics Education. The courses in this master’s degree program teach you to understand and break down math subjects, like algebra and geometry, so you can teach these subjects to others.

S.N.Nature of Course1st Semester2nd Semester3rd Semester4th Semester
1Core Course (Professional)2 Papers2 Papers2 Papers1 Paper
2Specialization Course4 Papers4 Papers4 Papers
3Elective1 Paper
4Training Practice1 Paper
5Thesis Writing1 Paper
Total6 Papers6 Papers6 Papers4 Papers

The overall objective of the M.Ed. programme in an open and distance educational mode is to develop greater human resources at an academic level in the form of teachers, teacher educators, education planners and administrators, system analysts, and other experts in the field of education. The specific objectives of the programme are to:

  • Produce qualified and competent teacher educators through the use of new technologies
  • Produce efficient educational planners, supervisors, administrators and managers, and other educational experts through an open and distance mode
  • Promote innovative practices in the field of education using new technologies
  • Develop more educational experts, as well as new teaching techniques in education leadership, necessary for the 21st century.

This M.Ed. in Mathematics at ODEC will take two years to complete (four semesters). Generally an academic year will consist of 150 teaching days excluding the day taken by admission and annual examination. A theory paper of 100 marks will be generally carry 1650 lectures and 5 periods a week and a paper of 50 marks 75 lectures and 3 periods in a week. A practical course requires the student to attend more period per week as mentioned in course of study. In semester system 48 hours credit hours class days are allocated for 3 credit hours.


Prior to enrolling in a master’s degree programme, students need to hold a bachelor’s degree. Some graduate programmes require that the student’s undergraduate education be in a related field, while others accept any bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.

Master’s degree programs often require students to have maintained a 3.0 grade point average during their undergraduate education. Other prerequisites include providing college transcripts, letters of recommendation and a written essay on educational and career goals. Depending on the programme, students may also have to submit scores for evaluation exams.

Academic Qualifications

Students with bachelor’s degree in education are eligible for the admission to the masters programme. However, they need specific qualifications for admission if their degree is in a different subject. In a semester system, they have to pass an entrance test for admission in a different specialization subject.