Dr.Ganga Ram Gautam, Director of ODEC/TU and Dr. Bishnu Khanal, Member of ODEC Management Committee participated in the UNESCO-UNITWIN Working Group Seminar at Korea National Open University in Seoul, Korea held on October 25, 2019. The seminar was organized by a UNESCO-UNITWIN network which brings together Korea National Open University (KNOU), Open University Malaysia (OUM), Honoi Open University (HOU), Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST) and Tribhuvan University (TU) Nepal.

During the seminar, representatives of different universities presented their best practices in online learning and discussed the possibilities of collaboration among them in the future. On behalf of ODEC/TU, Dr. Ganga Ram Gautam presented a paper on UNESCO-UNITWIN
Collaboration Between TU and KNOU: Mid-Term Plan and Expected Results. In his presentation, Dr. Gautam highlighted how the ongoing collaboration between TU and KNOU will help develop the capacity of the faculty members of TU in integrating ICT in their pedagogy. Under this collaboration, KNOU team will run faculty development training for the 40 faculty members of TU in 2020 on online learning pedagogy.

Similarly, Dr. Bishnu Khanal made a presentation on Open and Distance Education in Tribhuvan University: Policy, Programs, Challenges and Future Plan. In his presentation, Dr. Khanal presented a brief overview of the history of open and distance education in Nepal and the current scenario of it.

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